Comiket 95

Comiket’s biannual “comic market” closes out the year for self-published comic lovers, cosplayers and otaku everywhere. Holding the record for “Japan’s largest indoor public gathering” should give you an idea of the crowds to expect for the legendary event which takes over the Big Sight complex for three days. Unlike American-style comic conventions, Comiket focuses on the individual creators and fan “circles” who produce millions of self-published doujinshi every year – think fan fiction type spin offs usually in manga form, based on popular anime, manga and game series and characters. Companies exhibit separately in their own hall and there is a designated cosplay area (FYI the general etiquette is no photos without permission). First-time visitors are encouraged to attend in the afternoon for easy access, or face hours of queuing as you’re caught up with the eager early birds who waited patiently to grab a copy of their favorite artist’s new super limited edition release.

Image : Steve Nagata via Flickr under CC


Dec 29 2018 - Dec 31 2018


10:00 - 16:00


Free Admission

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Tokyo Big Sight


Tokyo Big Sight
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku

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