Children’s Disaster Prevention and English Day Camp

After the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, non-profit organization Kodomo Bousai was formed to help educate children about disaster prevention. In April, they are hosting an English Day Camp for kids including plenty of fun activities along with disaster prevention education, and they are seeking volunteers to help out. They are expecting 100 elementary school students to attend, and they are looking for international students or other foreign volunteers to help entertain the children, chat to them in English, and support the Japanese group leaders. Activities will include indoor games, disaster prevention and cultural exchange workshops. Volunteers need to be able to communicate in English, and don’t need to be able to speak Japanese.

To apply to be a volunteer, fill in the form via the following link:

Venue details:

Watch a video of a previous camp at


Apr 05 2018


07:45 - 19:15



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