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  • Chen Shige: “Jyu-momo” Exhibition
November 18, 2020

Chen Shige: “Jyu-momo” Exhibition

11:00–19:00・Jan 26, 2021–Feb 20, 2021・Guardian Garden 7-3-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Chen Shige won the Grand Prix of the 22nd Graphic “1_WALL” for his work based on the theme of uncertainty and ambiguity. The judges praised his work for its humorous connection of motifs and its ability to make the viewer’s eyes stay on it.

Shige works with a variety of techniques and materials, including painting, illustration, and mixed media sculpture. Starting from the uncertainty of language and doubt of language itself, his works develop motifs from the connection of different layers, with the intention of making things stand up out of belief and creating new creations out of the margins. The theme of this exhibition is peach buns and features a series of works derived from a play on words surrounded the theme.


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