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  • ByLUDO, Ludovica Cirillo – “Born After Waste”
September 27, 2021
Born After Waste Ludovica Cirillo

ByLUDO, Ludovica Cirillo – “Born After Waste”

11:00–19:00・Sep 30, 2021–Oct 03, 2021・haco gallery 6-1-27 Yanaka, Taito-ku

The Kuma Kengo Studio architect Ludovica Cirillo is an admirer of traditional Japanese crafts-making. She has put its techniques into practice with her eco-tech jewelry brand, ByLUDO. For this exhibition, she collaborated with Alexander Perrine in his sculpture series “Bodies of Waste,” which makes use of discarded matter to form human likenesses (Niko Wu does the art photography). With Perrine, she reminds us about life’s transience (though it leaves behind clutter and relics) and explores the transformative capacity of what is essentially trash into new forms, giving the material new life.

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