Avex Dining Oasis

Enjoy a “beach resort inside the city” at Decks Tokyo Beach’s new Avex Dining Oasis. With views of both Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge, Decks is bringing together healthy food and mellow music to capture a beach-side atmosphere. The seaside deck will also be installing a dry mist machine to help visitors cool off when temperatures soar to above 30 degrees Celsius. Add in 160 square meters of artificial grass and Odaiba is your new go-to spot for a relaxed break from the summer heat and urban sprawl.


Jul 02 2019 - Sep 01 2019


08:00 - 23:00

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DECKS Tokyo Beach, 3F Seaside Deck


DECKS Tokyo Beach, 3F Seaside Deck
1-6-1 Daiba,Minato-ku

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