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  • Anna Bedynska: 90×90 Photo Exhibition
May 31, 2021
90 90 Anna Bedyńska photography

Anna Bedynska: 90×90 Photo Exhibition

12:00–19:00・Jun 04, 2021–Jun 06, 2021・Untitled Space 3-13-7 Kyojima, Sumida-ku

The hanabi (fireworks show) is a spectacle to behold, held annually on the Tama River. Festival guidelines specify that only a maximum of 90-by-90-centimeter area is allowed for one person due to the crowd. Tokyo-based documentary photographer Anna Bedyńska captured the moments of morning preparations for this show, but it is not at all about the grandeur of this sky viewing. Rather, the Polish photographer aims to tell a story about coexistence, privacy and how important solicitude is in Japanese culture. To date, kokorozukai (thoughtfulness and sympathy) is strongly upheld.  In her works, the artist puts an interest in contemporary society and the occurring cultural shifts.

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