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  • 1_WALL Grand Prix Exhibition: “Momo Manju Kotobuku Momo wo”
January 13, 2021

1_WALL Grand Prix Exhibition: “Momo Manju Kotobuku Momo wo”

11:00–19:00 (Closed Sundays and Holidays)・Jan 26, 2021–Feb 20, 2021・Guardian Garden 7-3-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku

The 1_WALL Grand Prix is a graphic design competition highlighting the work of various young talents in the field. All winners get to put on a solo exhibition. Illustrator and mixed-media artist Chenshige is among the most promising of these participants. From January to February, his exhibition, whose title translates roughly to “Longevity Peach,” can be seen at Guardian Garden, with his prize-winning work Sentient beings without “five yen” are unworthy taking center stage. For this series the Taiwan native uses peach buns as a motif for idiosyncratic, eye-grabbing, always ambiguous canvases and installations. His work is sure to puzzle and delight. His characteristic visual commotion is supposed to evoke the uncertainty of language.

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