This hotel boasts a luxurious terrace and lounge on its 14th floor. Various services are offered throughout the day, including a vegetable-rich breakfast, coffee, buffets, a delicious dinner and even late-night snacks. While sipping your cup of joe, guests can browse the library and learn about Hiroshima's rich culture. Address: 16-5 Teppo-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Website:  Tel: 082-224-6110

Perfect for those who want to do some sightseeing, this Kanazawa hotel has a coffee counter in the center of the lobby that represents Japan's traditional tea ceremony and the everyday life of Kanazawa. Feel a sense of the history and culture of the city through the hotel's design and decor, including the walls which are inspired by the ishigaki (stone walls) of Kanazawa Castle and translated into a contemporary design. Address: 2-5 Takaokacho, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture Website:    Tel: 076-260-7200

Seki has been a center of sword making since the Kamakura period (1185-1333), adapting those techniques to the making of knives, scissors, and more for the modern era. Visitors can witness sword forging on designated days at the Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum or see real swordsmanship in action at Cutler Sanshu Seki Hamono Museum (reservations required, link below). Address: 950-1 Oze, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture Website:    Tel: 0575-28-5147

Website: Address: Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanagawa Grand Bell Yokohama Building 1F Telephone: 045-661-2110

How Much: from ¥3,400 Address: 76-3 Oze, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture Website:    Tel: 0575-22-2506

How Much: ¥200 entrance, ¥1,080 ropeway fare Address: 18 Kinkazan Tenshyukaku, Gifu city Website:  Tel: 058-263-4853

Discover a new side to Kawasaki City through bus or boat tours through the city’s factory zone at night. At night, these grey industrial buildings turn into shining beacons that light up the bay, creating an otherworldly futuristic experience you won’t find anywhere else. For a more traditional experience, drop by the Japan Open-air Folk House Museum. Enjoy an indigo dyeing experience, traditional storytelling, and other traditional cultural highlights here. How Much: from ¥4,000 (for Factory Zone Night Tour by boat) Address: Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City Website:    Tel: 03-6866-9608

Those looking to soak up the sun will be more than happy to know that Yokohama has plenty of green spaces to go around. Before winding down at the pub with a beer in hand, stroll around during the daytime and discover the beautiful parks scattered throughout the city, maybe even pack a picnic. Those dedicated to sticking to their fitness rituals can go for an early morning run and feel the cool breeze from the ocean. Website:

If you're visiting Yokohama, you'll have a hard time choosing among the dozens of bars and pubs on offer. Affectionately nicknamed "craft beer town," the city is home to many of Kanagawa's best artisanal beers. The beautiful bottles make for a unique and well-appreciated souvenir. We recommend famous British pub Full Monty or warm and cozy brewery Umaya no Shokutaku if you're looking to wind down in a casual setting. Website:


Address: 1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka Website:    Tel: 06-6576-5501

Kimono shop Ginza Iseyoshi was founded by the Chitani family in 1878 in Nihonbashi, a mercantile district in Tokyo. In 1933, along with several other shops, the business moved to the district of Ginza where it has remained until this day. Aside from offering custom-made kimono and a rental service, the store owner has also come up with a new, simplified kimono design. This version can be worn over normal clothing and takes about 10 minutes to put on. The main dress is divided into two separate pieces, the skirt and the tunic. This makes it easier to adjust the length. The obi belt is pre-folded and ready to attach to the waist in little time. After securing and padding the obi, the last thing to do is tie the obijime sash around the waist and the job is done. The final result creates a look and feel no different from a traditional kimono. Contact the store for more info about their rental service. Address: 8-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku Website:    Tel: 03-3571-5388 Rental requests need to be booked in advance via email: [email protected] 

Sitting in the B2F floor of the upmarket Ginxa Six shopping center is Imadeya, one of downtown Tokyo's newer sake tasting stores. Imadeya's speciality is Japanese nihonshu, but they also have a healthy selection of alcohol from local wineries, shochu breweries, whisky distilleries and craft gin makers.   At Imadeya they typically have a limited selection of sake bottles available for tasting with their in-house experts. The price of the tasting experience is dependent on how much, and what variation of alcohol you wish to sample. The staff members can provide recommendations and information on the various liquors in English, Chinese, Spanish and other selected languages. Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku B2 Website: Tel: 03-6264-5537

Address: 1-10-14 Musashino, Kichijoji Honcho 2F Website: Tel: 080-8700-8528

Address: 2-11-16 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku Website: Tel: 03-5405-4441