Located near Omotesando, Lakan-ka offers dishes made with fresh, nutritious ingredients, including monk fruit. Taking advantage of the fruit's natural sweetness, Lakan-ka has created a menu with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from sweet pork with rice to anmitsu. Lunch sets and dinner courses showcase the versatility of monk fruit through obanzai, small home-style dishes commonly found in traditional Japanese cuisine.  The restaurant also offers its own spin on traditional British afternoon tea. During tea time, customers can order a set of delicious sweets paired with hot tea.Business hours: Lunch 11am-5pm | Tea time 2pm-5pm | Dinner 5pm-10pm Address: 3-7-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Website: lakan-ka.jp Tel: 03-6447-1805

Ichido is a Japanese brand dedicated to introducing a new rich sake experience. Working with tasters from all over the world, Ichido makes sake made for all and that pairs wonderfully with…

Located on the first floor of RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK, Shibuya Yokocho is a stretch of 19 restaurants where Tokyoites can enjoy culinary delights from all over Japan. Its casual setting suits the various soul foods you’ll find including ramen, gyoza, yakitori and more. Also seek out special eateries such as a restaurant serving rikishi-meshi (food made by ex-sumo wrestlers) and a cozy café that becomes a vibrant karaoke bar at night. Occasionally, the alley itself turns into a party venue with guest DJs and entertainers of all kinds. Note: Alcoholic beverages are served until 8pm. Parties are limited to a maximum of four people. Business hours: 11am–9pm Address: RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK South 1F, 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Website: shibuya-yokocho.com

“A child’s spontaneity and wonder are things to treasure for as long as they last; for the greatest minds, they last a lifetime.” MEES teaching approach has its roots in educational philosophies such as the Reggio Emilia approach and the Montessori method, which is grounded in the idea that children are native learners who can learn faster and with more engagement when given the freedom to choose what to learn. They believe that students have the right to take ownership over their own learning as they engage with fundamental questions. The school nurtures students to become continuous learners who are not afraid of challenges, are versatile, and will embrace new technological developments. The elementary program, exclusive to their Hakusan location, offers Project-based-learning, a student-centered, dynamic pedagogical approach that provides opportunities for students to acquire in-depth knowledge by actively exploring real-world challenges. Teachers facilitate learning and encourage exploration and discovery. As they learn through this innovative method, children develop key 21st-century skills.Address: 5-5-8 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Website: mees.jp Email: [email protected]

You don’t need a special occasion to treat your friends or loved ones to a thoughtful gift. For this week’s Shop Japan roundup we introduce 10 products that would make splendid gifts on any…

This summer, we’re bringing back our Shop Japan series to introduce unique Japanese products for those who want to continue supporting Japanese businesses, are looking for an extra special gift or simply…

Great conversation over a banquet-style feast of Chinese, Japanese and European fusion

Serene barbecue-style meal with a breathtaking ocean view overlooking the sea village

Sublime Japanese multi-course haute cuisine

Rejuvinating open-air bath, creative local cuisine and slow relaxation

Enjoy the day and night at one of six of these old-world folk houses

A full unobstructed view of the sea, sky and stars in this modern resort

A beachside oasis with five-star amenities overlooking the Genkai Sea’s blue waters

A stylish Japanese and Danish-style glamping overlooking Goto's vast landscape

Based in the heart of Tokyo, just a few minutes from Roppongi Hills, Blink is more than just workspace, meeting rooms and great coffee. Designed to spark collaboration and productivity, at Blink you can kick start your business and be part of a creative ecosystem, making it grow and embrace the community’s magnetic energy. With five floors of contemporary open plan workspace with hot desks, dedicated workstations, stylish private offices, fully equipped meeting rooms and lovely outdoor sun terrace, Blink is a great place where to spend your working days surrounded by dynamic start-ups and bold entrepreneurs. You can either take part in brainstorming or have some snacks (and delicious Brazilian food!) while chatting in the cafe lounge: you definitely won't be disappointed by Blink's thriving atmosphere. Address: 3-1-6 Blink Smart Workspace, Motoazabu, Minato-ku Website: www.blinkcommunity.com  Tel: +81 03 6455 5028