Manga author Ai Yazawa has had our hearts in the palm of her hand ever since she released the cult manga series Nana in 2000. Focusing on female friendships, love and fulfilling one’s dreams in the big city, the poignant story is relatable to this day. Although the Nana manga and anime have been on hiatus since 2009, Yazawa had a comeback of sorts in 2023 with a traveling exhibition of original drawings. There’s still no word of whether the manga story will continue, but there is a hint of a happily-ever-after in the form of a Nana wedding dress collection.

This collaboration between Yazawa (who comes from a fashion design background) and wedding dress brand Lulu Felice was announced in early 2024. The designs are based on two of Yazawa’s works, Nana and Gokinjo Monogatari (known in English as Neighborhood Story).

Nana Wedding Dress Collection

The Nana wedding dress collection emphasizes the contrast in styles between the two young women in the series. Nana Komatsu inspires a more traditional, soft feminine look, resulting in a white dress with puffed sleeves, ribbons and lace. This corresponds to her character in the story.

Nana Osaki is a punk rock star and her style in the collection pushes the envelope in terms of wedding dress design. There’s an all-black wedding dress, complete with a black veil, a leather belt and a choker necklace. She is also the inspiration for a white wedding dress with black tulle ruffles on the décolletage. It’s accessorized with a black belt and Nana’s signature black leather cap she wore on stage in the manga.

Nana Osaki also inspired colorful dresses in the collection. The red dress is a nod to her singing into the microphone with a red rose. Another item is the ruffle shirt she wears in some drawings. The character’s love for Vivienne Westwood shows in two dresses in this collection that are in the vein of the iconic British designer. One is black and blue, and one is pink and brown, both with a ruffled petticoat element. Inspired by the other Nana, there’s also a puffy-sleeved light blue dress and a terracotta-colored one.

Not to forget the groom, this collection has two tuxedos: a plaid black and white punk-rock suit with a vest inspired by Shin and a more classic black tuxedo that could be inspired by both Yasu and Takumi.

Gokinjo Monogatari Manga Dress Collection

All of Yazawa’s work features excellent fashion, but in addition to Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari is the other obvious choice. The manga’s protagonist, Mikako Koda, is an aspiring fashion designer who is building her clothing brand, Happy Berry. She attends Yazawa Art Academy.

The dresses in the collection are inspired by Mikako and the suits by her friend-turned-love interest Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

More Information

All designs in the collaboration were announced at the start of 2024, but will be available in autumn from any wedding stores managed by Claudia and Ginza Couture Naoco stores. For more stores and information, check the official Lulu Felice account.

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