Makeup meets CGI in a groundbreaking new proof-of-concept video.

Omote is the new project by a team led by Tokyo-based artist Nobumichi Asai, who has worked on various projection-mapping projects before, including for companies such as Subaru.

In the fields of CGI, graphic design, and special effects, projecting onto different surfaces is already a known technique. What makes this video so impressive is that the team is projecting onto a human face moving in real time.

This combination of motion capture technology and projection mapping can be utilized in theater pieces for example—imagine a character changing makeup and persona right on stage without having to remove the previous layer of foundation and eyeliner. Visuals could range, as seen in this two-minute video, from basic rouge and eye makeup to different eyes or a completely animated artwork that turns the model’s face into a reflective surface as they move.

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo.

Although there is not much detail on Nobumichi Asai’s website at this point, mid-photo shoot or mid-performance makeup touch ups—or even the use of makeup products all together—could become a thing of the past if this technology develops well enough.

– Mona Neuhauss

Main image: Vimeo

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