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Jingumae Lanka-ka

By Weekender Editor

Located near Omotesando, Lakan-ka offers dishes made with fresh, nutritious ingredients, including monk fruit.

Taking advantage of the fruit’s natural sweetness, Lakan-ka has created a menu with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from sweet pork with rice to anmitsu. Lunch sets and dinner courses showcase the versatility of monk fruit through obanzai, small home-style dishes commonly found in traditional Japanese cuisine. 

The restaurant also offers its own spin on traditional British afternoon tea. During tea time, customers can order a set of delicious sweets paired with hot tea.

Business hours: Lunch 11am-5pm | Tea time 2pm-5pm | Dinner 5pm-10pm

Address: 3-7-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku


Tel: 03-6447-1805

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