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Seven-Eleven Japan Introduces Foreigner-Friendly Onigiri

By Weekender Editor

Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. has upgraded the ingredients and recipes for their onigiri – or Japanese rice balls – that are on sale from February 25, 2020. Seven-Eleven Japan improved the rice milling method by adapting low temperature rice milling, which disperses the pressure applied to rice and brings out the savory taste and umami. By improving the seal of the film package, the seaweed’s crispiness is maintained longer than before. The renewed package also has English titles, which makes non-Japanese readers easier to recognize the fillings.

Some of the fillings have also improved. The “Tuna & Mayonnaise” uses high quality eggs that are produced through specific breeding methods for Seven-eleven products, and the “Grilled Cured Red Salmon” uses red salmon aged by the traditional Yamazuke process. The procedure of making the onigiri is based on the concept of “Onigiri made by mother,” and aims to reproduce the taste of the hand-rolled onigiri. Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. will also focus more on sustainability and develop packaging made of paper in the near future.

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