Time to Visit the Shashin no Jikan Photo Exhibition


In 2018, the photo classroom at Fuji Photo Gallery Chofu closed its doors, putting an end to one of the most singular art galleries in Tokyo. But a mere month later, all the people behind it moved their talents to Nakano, where you can currently enjoy the group’s photo exhibition of Tokyo life snapshots.

Located at the Kenko Tokina Service Shop Mini Gallery, the exhibit is the work of a group of photographers known as Shashin no Jikan (~”Photo Time”). Under the guidance of Sho Nakamura, the group focuses on capturing the essence of Tokyo streets, bringing you the unadulterated truth about one of the greatest cities on Earth. Visit the Shashin no Jikan exhibit to discover what that truth is. You have until February 22.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).



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