By Weekender Editor

With a long history that stretches back nearly seven decades to when their first restaurant opened in Milan, this pizzeria chain now boasts 29 locations worldwide. The Tokyo branch opened in Harajuku in 2015 and brings the authentic style and taste of Milanese pizza to the capital. Spontini’s pizzas are known for their thick, fluffy dough and crispy crust – a combination that’s possible thanks to a technique involving a quick fry in soybean oil. Using a special in-house blend of spices passed down since 1953, the taste of their marinara and mozzarella pizzas prepared in imported Italian ovens will transport your senses to the heart of Italy.

Address: 2F Cascade Harajuku, 1-10-37 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Website: spontini.jp   

Tel: 03-6434-5850

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