TOPBuy Japan-Exclusive Stamps Featuring the Japan National Rugby Team

Buy Japan-Exclusive Stamps Featuring the Japan National Rugby Team

By Weekender Editor

If you’re looking for a souvenir that will remind you of the Rugby World Cup 2019 while also serving as beautiful mini artworks, then Japan Post’s exclusive limited-edition range of stamps could be the perfect purchase. These collector’s stamps are available in two styles: one is a special series of stamps featuring the national flags of the RWC participating teams (photo 1 in the gallery above), and the second is the “frame stamp” which includes illustrations featuring famous Japanese ukiyo-e paintings along with rugby players (photo 2 in the gallery above).

The flags featured in the special series include:
(1) Ireland / New Zealand
(2) Scotland / South Africa
(3) Japan / Italy
(4) Russia / Namibia
(5) Samoa / Canada
(6) England / Australia
(7) France / Wales
(8) Argentina / Georgia
(9) United States / Fiji
(10) Tonga / Uruguay

The design was created based on the different pools with the visual identity of the team’s union flag, in the shape of the world rugby shield. There are also other designs including the tournament mark and the RWC 2019 official mascot Ren-G.

While both styles are available through Japan Post’s online store, the frame stamp is on sale at 2,800 post offices, and the special stamps are available at all post offices nationwide.

Available for purchase until March 31, 2020 or while stocks last.

How Much:

Special series stamps: ¥840 for 1 sheet of 10 stamps. Shipping fee for online orders not included.

Frame stamps: ¥1,200 (tax incl.) for 1 sheet of 5 stamps and 5 pre-stamped postcards. Shipping fee for online orders not included.

(Note: All information and names of team members in the Japan national rugby team as listed on the stamps were up to date at the time of production.)

Japan Post Online Store:

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