TOPART & CULTUREJapan’s 13 Top-selling Singles of All Time (multi format)

Japan’s 13 Top-selling Singles of All Time (multi format)

By Lisa Wallin

includes digital sales and ringtones — the latter not so relevant now, but once upon a time it was a big thing. al sold over 5 million copies, including physical and digital (and ringtone) sales. The ringtone sales helped a lot, which is why there are fewer mega sales after 2010 (?) when the iPhone had serious takeover from garakei style phones.started taking over from garakei. Even if you’re not interested in J-pop, seeing as Japan is the second-largest music market in the world, it’s well worth knowing. Especially for karaoke nights and knowing what your Japanese friends are talking about. With streaming becoming a bigger piece of the pie the numbers are sure to change in the future.

13. “Aitakute Aitakute” by Kana Nishino, 2010

Pop princess Kana Nishino millennial award-winning for lyrics and songs, some R&B inspired. This song featured on ads for Gemcerey jewelry, which she has also collaborated with to release own from albume “to LOVE” which went straight to number one in the Origcon charts that uyear and sold over 900,000 copies born in the first year of Heisei.

12. “Haruka” by GReeeeN,

A national favorite, you’ll be seeing this band a couple more times in this list. Title means far away or distant, lyrics

often create human stories of relationships not just romantic ones but between family and friends and the importance of caring for each other. Balanace of independence and receiving support by tose we love and who love us.

11. “Story” by Ai, 2005

Japanese-American singer born in Los Angeles and raised partly there and Kagoshima.

A real tear jerker with soul vibes, generally R&B but this slow song is strong with substance and down-to-earth lovely.

10. “Tsubomi” by Kobukuro, 200

This duo mainstays of the Japanese pop scene. Dramatic ballad Tsubomi emotional and inspiring?

9. “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” by //// 2011

By far the youngest artists on the list, Mana Ashida and Fuku Suzuki
as Kaoru to Tomoki, Tamani Mook from

Group soecically created for the drama //// which both kids star in. Catchy as all hell.

8. “Ai Uta” by GReeeeN, 2007

Green’s first of 2 in the top 10 list. Since 2007 debut, known by all. Similar rhythm to many of their songs and Ai Uta is no exception.

7. “Butterfly” by Kaela Kimura

Incredibly popular for wedding marches or wedding-related anything and explicitely a wedding song that, when listening to the lyrics is bound to make any cold heart melt into a puddle of sadness and emotion. Her most successful song and in 2014 released an instrumental version. The lyrics read like a letter to the bride and was written fora friend of Kimura’s for her wedding day. Zexy the wedding magazine was allowed to use it as its commercial song, further entrenching KButterfly as THE wedding song.

akai ito and being happy

6. “Junrenka” Shonan no Kaze, 2006

Big hit, also popular is their summer hit suirenka

5. “Shunkanshuto” by Hilcrhyme, 2009

Orchestra version pretty romantic:

4. “Lovers Again” by Exile, 2007

A ballad from the buff tanned bros from Exile in the first round?

3. “Kiseki” by GReeeeN, 2008

Has anyone not heard this? Probably i nthe subconscious of any persona living in Japan in the last ten years. This earworm has sold 7.6 million copies and was the theme song for the Rookies drama series featuring /////. Drama based on a popular manga of the same name. A very popular karaoke hit, highly recommended to give everyone all the feels. The music video has over 46 million views

Big love for the Koshien baseball tournament, seishun and all that

“best-selling download single in Japan”  in 2009


2. “Flavor of Life” by Utada Hikaru, 2007

No surprises to find Utada Hikaru on the list, but perhaps this song was unexpected. Over 8.6 million sales. Then again for Hana Yori Dango fans, perhaps it’s no surprise at all. Theme song for Hana Yori Dango 2 “Boys of Flowers Returns”. Set world records when it was released in digital sales when it was still a fledgling industry.

1. “Soba ni Iru ne” by Thelma Aoyma featuring SoulJa, 2008

This song has gotten a resurgence lately because of //// so the numbers download numbers are sure to change and update as they go on. Possibly one of the best J-pop songs ever made, but that could just be my opinion. The Youutube video is over 25 million views. Song about long distnace love and waiting for your partner. Over 9.2 million as of writing, but sure to increase over the next couple of months. 11 years after its original release popularized again as the best lullaby for putting the little ones to sleep.