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Itoshima Sunset Beer Bus in Kyushu

By Weekender Editor

Visiting Fukuoka in Kyushu? Join the Itoshima Sunset Beer Bus for a fun afternoon and evening of all-you-can-drink festivities. The tour departs from Tenjin by bus at 4pm, and returns to Tenjin around 8pm. Note: All Itoshima beer mentioned in the schedules below will be served on the bus.

Wednesday Tour Schedule:

Enjoy a welcome bottle of Itoshima Beer after departing on the bus, and stop off at Hatsushio Ryokan ( where you can enjoy a soak in their bath, dinner (sashimi, karaage, chawanmushi – a savory steamed egg custard dish, small dishes, and red snapper chazuke), and all-you-can-drink beer, high balls, wine, sake, Chuhai and soft drinks. ¥9,800 per person

Friday Tour Schedule:
Stop off at Beach Cafe Sunset ( and enjoy a welcome glass of Itoshima Beer, then a buffet and all-you-can-drink bottled beer, wine, high ball, and soft drinks. ¥7,800 per person

Saturday Tour Schedule:
Stop off at Palm Beach Terrace ( and enjoy a welcome glass of Itoshima Beer, a barbecue dinner and all-you-can-drink. ¥8,800 per person

How Much: ¥7,800-¥9,800 per person


Reservations email: [email protected]

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