30% Discount on Tattoos for TW Readers Willing to Be Filmed While Getting Inked

In anticipation of a collaborative video project with iPo Tattoo LOYAL in Shibuya, TW is looking for three readers who would be willing to be filmed while getting inked before the end of September. In exchange for “modeling” in the video, iPo Tattoo LOYAL is offering participants a 30% discount on a tattoo of at least A5 size.

Your tattoo artist is Ken “iPo” Riku, owner of iPo Tattoo LOYAL and our video will introduce not only his work as tattoo artist (that’s where you’ll come in as we film you at his studio) but also his fascinating personal back story.

Riku grew up in Atsugi and Yokosuka, both prominent host cities to US military bases, and moved to the United States after high school. After studying at New York Film Academy, he became a CG designer for a TV broadcasting company, and then worked as a freelance photographer in New York. Shortly after he returned to Japan, he was badly injured during the Great East Japan Earthquake, which hit the northern Tohoku region in 2011. The right side of his lower body was temporarily paralyzed and having such a close brush with death made him rethink his life path. What could he do while sitting down, only able to work with his hands? Tattooing was his answer.

Riku opened iPo Tattoo LOYAL in the heart of Shibuya and has been active ever since, gaining recognition for his work and receiving invitations to attend tattoo conventions in Thailand, Slovenia, Germany and other countries.

tattoo needle with traditional japanese frog design

design and stencil for tattoo

Want to Get Tattooed?

If you’re interested in applying to be featured in our video, which will be shared online and on social media, and receive 30% discount on your tattoo, please note the following terms and conditions:

Participants will need to:
• Get at least an A5-size tattoo (or multiple tattoos making up this size) in order to receive 30% discount. On average, a US letter size (8.5 x 11 inch, approx. A4 size) tattoo with basic detail design costs ¥80,000 and takes eight hours – participants will receive a 30% discount off this price.
• Be filmed while getting their tattoo.
• Be available to get tattooed by the end of September.

For a chance to participate, please email your name, phone number and a brief description of the size and design of your desired tattoo and/or reference pictures to editor@tokyoweekender.com by August 13, 2019. Chosen participants will be notified via email by August 15, 2019.

ipo tattoo loyal logo and information

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