Nara-Yamato Four Temples Junrei (Pilgrimage) for Tourists


A long-established Japanese tradition is to visit a temple and pay homage to Buddha. It is believed that doing so builds connections with the temple and with Buddha, resulting in divine protection. Associated with this is the concept of junrei, or pilgrimage, which refers to visiting multiple temples with the purpose of taking a journey. Since this type of journey is often arduous and time-consuming (usually covering a total of 88 temples), Nara Prefecture has come up with a plan to help tourists get a taste of this Japanese tradition. By following the Nara-Yamato Four Temples Junrei, you’ll get to visit the four temples of Hasedera, Murouji, Okadera and Abe Monjuin, all of which are situated not far from Nara city. This junrei experience is easily accessible using the Kintetsu Railway and JR train lines, and visitors are free to follow the tour according to their own time plan and preferred route.

How Much: Entrance fees for temples vary

Nara Visitors Bureau Address: 3F Nara Visitor Center, Ikeno-cho, Nara city, Japan 630-8361



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