Sumida Aquarium Features Snow and Jellyfish Exhibition

From February 1 to March 14, Sumida Aquarium will hold an exhibition it’s calling “Snow and Jellyfish.”

The exhibition projects scenes of urban night and wintery snow onto the jellyfish tanks, walls, and floors in the aquarium’s kaleidoscopic tunnel, which is surrounded by about 5000 mirrors on the walls and ceilings. This ephemeral display gives you the feeling that jellyfish are floating in the sky as it snows.

It also features interactive elements in which the image changes according to your movements. That includes footprints on the snow and ripples when walking on the projected water. There’s even something for all five senses, including an original aroma based on soft snow and music that replicates the relaxed rhythm of jellyfish.

On Friday nights, you can get up close and personal with jellyfish. One program allows you to observe jellyfish in a bottle and even feed them. Another gives you the opportunity to make original coasters featuring the exhibition’s soft snow aroma.

Enjoy the amazing combination of urban snow scenery and jellyfish at Sumida Aquarium.

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