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In 2013, traditional Japanese cuisine, or washoku, was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. At Tokitarazu, you can enjoy kaiseki, traditional course menus featuring seasonal washoku ingredients that are specially selected and sourced directly from the producers. The kaiseki-inspired authentic cuisine at Tokitarazu is made from fresh ingredients from all over Japan. The seafood is delivered every day from Tsukiji Market and local fishermen in the Sagami Bay area. The dashi (broth), serving as the base for most of the dishes, is delicately prepared every day from Hidaka kombu kelp, which is considered one of the finest ingredients for making dashi. In addition, Tokitarazu boasts a rare, global prize-winning Japanese sake collection, as well as a wide selection of Japanese shochu, wine and liquor that go well with all kinds of dishes. English menu and service available.

Seasonal cuisine from ¥780, traditional Japanese-style dish from ¥680, fresh fish directly shipped from producer ¥1,200.

¥4,500: 8-Course Special “Tokitarazu Hand-Picked Land & Sea Bounty”

Experience an authentic kaiseki meal crafted using ingredients directly sourced from the mountains and seas by the artisan chefs at Tokitarazu, featuring fresh sashimi and tempura.

¥6,000: 12-Course Special “Tokitarazu Hand-Picked Land & Sea Bounty”

With this 12-course meal, you will experience the sophisticated taste of fish sashimi, kamameshi, a hearty rice dish with meat and vegetables, and salt-baked fresh fish.


Tokitarazu offers kaiseki-making lessons in English on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekday classes are available on request. Visit their website to check out seasonal recipes. Click on “Discounts and Special Offers” below to read about the discount offered. To book, email or call 03-6277-1577.

Address: 5-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku

Opening Hours: 11:30am-3:00pm (LO 2:30pm), 6pm-12am (LO 11pm)


Kaiseki lessons:   

Tel: 03-6277-1577

With every food order, you can receive a free Japanese sake tasting set including three kinds of sake (60ml each) awarded in the IWC Sake Competition (must be claimed together with food order).

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