Goto Tenobe Udon Yabu no Tsubaki Nakameguro

Facing Yamatedori is a stylish izakaya decorated in white and red camellia flowers, called Goto Tenobe Udon Yabu no Tsubaki Nakameguro, or Yabu no Tsubaki for short.

Step inside and find even more camellia flowers — they represent one of the island region’s specialties: camellia oil. The nostalgic atmosphere of the wooden interior is welcoming and the layout of counters and separate tables make it the perfect spot for both single customers and groups.

Nagasaki Prefecture’s Goto Islands, the Goto namesake of this restaurant, are famed for their signature hand-stretched udon, which are thinner and have a chewier consistency than your average noodle. You can try your hand at cooking these yourself at your table —a rare treat not often afforded izakaya visitors.

How Much: Dinner from ¥3,000 per session

Address: 1F El Alcazar Nakameguro, 1-28-3 Aobadai, Meguro-ku


Tel: 03-6303-2450

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