4 Places to Get an Early Breakfast in Tokyo Before 8am

Unlike Nagoya and Osaka where morning sets at cafes are a big thing, Tokyo often seems like it has very few options for a decent breakfast (or coffee, for that matter) anytime before 10 in the morning. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots where you can get the best early breakfast in Tokyo.

Slow Jet Coffee, open from 7am

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Slow Jet’s head office is in Osaka because this place knows how to deliver a great morning meal — and at a reasonable price, no less. The shop’s morning only Waffle Morning Set comes at a mere ¥650 and includes bacon, a fried egg, salad, and, of course, a waffle with a side serving of maple syrup. Coffee aficionados will be pleased to find an excellent selection of both hand drip brews and espresso on the menu.

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Mixture Bakery & Café, open from 7:30am

This cozy cafe tucked away on Shimokitazawa’s Ichibangai shopping street is a popular place for people to start their day. Their morning set is a pretty standard plate of a variety of bread types, salad, a boiled egg and a drink, starting at ¥500! While you’re there, grab a sandwich to take with you for lunch — they’re pretty generous with the fillings. Drop by throughout the day (times vary) for freshly baked bread, straight from the oven.

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Good Morning Cafe Sendagaya, open from 7am

Its name suggests a good start to the morning and it certainly delivers on its promise. GMC in Sendagaya is a chic eatery, and its breakfast menu includes healthy options from acai bowls and salads to robust hangover-cure style egg rice bowls and even its very own Good Morning Burger. GMC has several locations across the city, but be advised that they all open at different times, and morning openings are sometimes only available on weekends.

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World Breakfast Allday, open from 7:30am

World Breakfast Allday’s concept is a simple one: to offer breakfasts from around the world, all day. Every two months, the restaurant chooses a breakfast theme from somewhere in the world and gives its guests the chance to indulge in a traditional morning meal they would otherwise never experience — or for others, a taste of home. Regular menu items consist of American (pancakes), English (full English), and Swiss breakfasts (muesli), and are always available.

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