Mos Burger’s Meaty Offerings Just Got Juicier


Meat lovers and low-carb fanatics, listen up!

For a limited time only, Mos Burger is offering a one-of-a-kind burger to satisfy the most carnivorous of cravings. This meaty madness is aptly named Niku Niku Niku Burger (Meat Meat Meat Burger) and has three different kinds of meat: two beef burger patties that serve as buns, a portion of yakiniku-style thinly shredded beef, and a piece of teriyaki chicken. For those concerns about getting enough greens, there are a few lettuce leaves in between all those slabs of meat to at least give the impression of a salad. The burger is only available as an eat-in item in the restaurant, presumably because it’s too awesome to take outside.

The Niku Niku Niku Burger will set you back a juicy ¥850 and is only available until Tuesday, June 27th. Not giving it a try would be a missed steak. See Mos Burger’s website for more information.



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