Dazzling Winter Illuminations That Continue to Glitter Well Into Spring



Although the country is just about to get swept up in the all-too-brief rush of pinks and reds that is cherry blossom season, there’s another colorful display that you don’t want to miss. And fortunately, this one keeps showing off its hues until May.

As anyone who’s lived in Japan for a while can tell you, winter is the time for illuminations. In fact, when the mercury gets to dropping, it’s one of the few things that makes taking an evening stroll pleasant out in all that frigidity. That’s why – even though we don’t mind the approach of warmer weather that comes as March strides in – there’s a bit of sadness that comes with seeing those winter light shows fade to black.

Fortunately, one of the most impressive light shows in the country keeps the power on well into spring – almost all the way to T-shirt season. This dazzling display of LED technology is housed at Nabana no Sato. A huge flower park that’s attached to the Nagashima Resort in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, the space makes some of Tokyo’s most stunning illuminations look like kid’s stuff.

Their lighting season overlaps with the traditional season for illuminations in Japan, but starts earlier, in October, and goes all the way on to May 7 – the very end of Golden Week. So, if you find yourself going into color withdrawal after the last cherry blossoms fall, you’ve still got time to get down to Mie to see the bright lights.

This is just a flicker of what you’ll be able to see as you stroll the grounds.





Flickr user sonotoki, used under CC
Flickr user sonotoki, used under CC
Can your average illumination display depict a breaching humpback whale? Yeah, we didn’t think so… (Instagram user @mikko.chan)
Instagram user @nyaaa_03
Flickr user bizmac, used under CC

In fact, if you’re looking for both cherry trees that are already in bloom and incredible light shows, you might want to hustle down there now:

Instagram user @hamaccho0102

For more information, visit the sites for Nagashima Resort or Nabana no Sato.

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