This Elevated “Bicycle Coaster” in Okayama Is One of the Scariest Rides We’ve Ever Seen


We can certainly say that this cycling experience will set your heart racing…

Our travels have taken us to Okayama before, but we have to admit that we missed this destination. Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland is a theme park that is located at the southern edge of the prefecture, close to Seto Ohashi Bridge, which heads over to the island of Shikoku. In addition to the standard lineup of roller coasters, you can also find this harrowing ride that scares – not with its loops or sharp drops, but by putting things in park goers hands. Or feet.

The SkyCycle is a ride that runs a course that provides views of the Inland Sea and the larger and smaller islands that punctuate the calm water’s surface. So what makes it scary? The fact that you’re riding a multi-person car-cycle around a track that looks out over steep drops:

Nice view ….
…but a bit of a terrifying look down

Did we forget to mention that you can also run into the people in front of you, and potentially be run in to by the people behind you?

Buckle your seat belts

Several people have chronicled their SkyCycle rides for digital posterity, which you can see below.

Have any readers taken a spin on this ride? Let us know!

Main Image: snackfight/Flickr, used under CC

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