The Weekend(er): We Deserve It


Brace yourself: Tokyo is bursting with so many events around the city that choosing the one for you may prove harder than you imagine.

Plenty of great events where you can meet new people, or tote your go-to crowd along with you – hey, you can even bring the family dog!. If none of these options suit your fancy, be sure to check out our Events tab for a full list of all of the great things happening in your neighborhood. After a long work week, and Golden Week tantalizingly waiting two weeks away, you deserve to make the most of this weekend – that’s what we’re here to help you do. Whether you check out Tokyo’s galleries, stick to the outdoors, or opt for the night owl events, here’s to a most excellent of Weekend(er)s!



The Refugee Collection

The refugee crisis has drastically affected many parts of Europe and jolted the rest of the world. Take a closer look at real items donated by refugees from around the world: read personal stories about the origin of these objects, and learn more about the lives of the people making the donations. All proceeds will support Refugees International Japan in their effort to help those in need of safe relocation, and help them receive the goods they need to survive.



A powerhouse LGBT showcase of talent at Rosso bar will feature performances by prominent burlesque dancers, drag queens, comedians, and more! Change up your night and have a laugh, a great time, and a few top-notch cocktails in good company.


Tokyo Craft Market

There is no market in Japan quite like the weekend Farmer’s Market at UNU. This week’s theme is handcrafted materials (even home-brewed sake!), and is the perfect place to look for a unique decorative item or tea set. As usual, great food and drinks will be served by participating boutiques and restaurants.


Japan Rum Connection

Tip back a few and meet other pirates at a purely rum event. Mix in some beach vibes, Caribbean music, and a few light snacks, and you’ve got an event fit for a thirsty crew. Try not to pillage and plunder too many barrels of the stuff, though…


Saikyo Ramen Fes

Open through the month of April, the Saikyo Ramen Fes out in Machida is giving foodies a chance to sample types of ramen from all over Japan in a single place. Even give ramen-making a go yourself at one of the workshops!


Tokyo Bass Conference

Anyone looking for a place to dive into a total music experience absolutely needs to check out the Tokyo Bass Conference, where nearly 50 different bands, DJs, and solo acts will be performing their range of electronic, house, trance, and techno mixes all night long. It’ll be a perfect place to let loose and let off some steam after sleeping in and recovering from the work week.


Indian Festival Holi

Color your weekend in spring pastels, the traditional Indian way, down at Yokohama’s famed Red Brick Warehouse. Bring friends and spend the day on the waterfront, trying new Indian curries and dancing out on the boardwalk to springtime tunes.


The World is a Beautiful Place (We’re Not Here For Long)

Here’s some modern art we can get behind: German artist Friedrich Kunath is hosting his second solo exhibit in Tokyo for a couple of weeks, showcasing a wide variety of works rooted in fine art and layered with irony. Stir up some interesting conversation and commentary over at Kaikai Kiki Gallery.


Yoyogi Park Wanwan Carnival

Finally, an event your furriest family member can join! Walk your dog on over to Yoyogi Park this weekend for a great event where your four-legged friend can play with other dogs, enter in contests, gobble up an array of treats, and get looked at by experts and vets. Meet other dog lovers, and wander the park in the sun!


Asakusa Yabusame

Those looking to step back in time and see an integral part of ancient Japanese sports live and up-close, head to Asakusa (near Sumida Park, along the river), to witness yabusame – the practice of archery while riding on horseback. This is a great experience for the whole family! Just be sure to mind the horses and follow the instructions of the organizers.


Calligraphy Class with Andreas

There are still some spaces open! Reserve your spot (email contact after the jump), and experience an entirely English calligraphy class with a font and graphic designer from Denmark. Learn the art of shodo the modern way, while using Japanese tools. Maybe you’ll even bring home a piece to hang on your wall…

Would you like to see your event, fundraiser, show, or exhibit listed here? It’s easy! Email details and photos, along with your name and contact to

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