TOPShake Shack Gets Ready to Churn Up the Queues in Tokyo

Shake Shack Gets Ready to Churn Up the Queues in Tokyo

By Natalie Jacobsen

After months of elusive confirmations and whispers of the famed New York City-based “roadside burgers and hot dogs” stand making its way to Tokyo, the rumors are becoming a reality this Friday.

That’s right: the Shake Shack has made it to Asian shores, right here in Tokyo Weekender’s own backyard: Meiji-jingu Gaien!

Although a young franchise (it was founded way back in 2004), Shake Shack has stepped firmly into the casual dining world and created a name for itself. Known for using 100% Angus beef, insisting that its food is hormone and antibiotic-free, using recycled and recyclable materials, and paying even its lower ranked employees quite well, Shake Shack has built up a devout following – even Taylor Swift gets out of bed for their burgers – at their handful of locations around the United States.

The Shake Shack website pinpoints the location where their Tokyo booth will be (surrounded by all of that foliage!), and provides a brief overview to catch up on what you’ve been missing out on all this time. A menu reveals diners’ favorites and some Tokyo-inspired bites.

They open this Friday, November 13 (although the day usually makes us think of bad luck, that particular day is a lucky one on the traditional Japanese calendar), from 11 am and are projected to be open until 10 pm, everyday. Here’s hoping they learned from other openings of Western food chains in Tokyo and have enough ingredients to make through it their first eleven hours. At the very least, as you can see below, they’ve done the proper Shinto blessing to bring the shop good luck and good business.

We are reluctant to say when it’ll be safe to approach the location for a lunch without having your boss wonder whether you’ve gone missing from your desk – but perhaps the frigid weather on the horizon will keep the drove at bay.

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–Natalie Jacobsen

Image: John Penny/Flickr, used under CC