Airbnb Has a Room for Two in Tokyo Tower – But Only for Your Parents



We’ve all got our idea of what constitutes a nice holiday gift for mom and dad. But when you really want to step it up, how far are you willing to go to show how much you appreciate the duo who changed your diapers, helped you learn how to ride a bike, and provided you with room and board for all those years? If your answer to that question is “an overnight stay at Tokyo Tower,” then this might be the contest for you.

Airbnb has been building up a pretty good head of steam in Japan. According to the Japan Times, the number of residences that are being listed on the service has tripled to 16,000 this year. Among these short-term rental spots, there are more than a few uniquely themed and downright quirky places where you can crash for a night or two. But we have to admit that the short-term stay location that the company is offering as a part of a current winter promotion is pretty hard to top, as it were. It’s a room for two in one of the best known features of Tokyo’s skyline – and probably a year’s worth of amnesty from complaints about any ways you might be neglecting your filial duties.



(Photos: Airbnb)

Of course, given that these are pretty special accommodations, there are going to be a few hitches. First is that there is only one night available, and only one lucky pair of parents – or grandparents – is going to be able to be able to tell that one “about the night we slept in Tokyo Tower.” (The package also includes an “omotenashi tour” of old-time Tokyo, and a pretty swanky breakfast and dinner, and there are a few second and third-place prizes available as well.) Contestants have to let Airbnb know why they want to give their (grand)parents that gift, and what Tokyo and Tokyo Tower mean to them. Organizers have requested that the winning answers need to “surprise and delight” them in order to be considered as possible winners, so time to get creative – “I feel guilty for not calling mom enough” is simply not going to cut it.

Finally, did we mention that your answer has to be submitted in Japanese? Hey, it’s worth a shot, and the contest is open to foreign residents of Japan (you can’t enter the contest if you’re outside of the country though). Who knows: maybe your machine-translated might have just enough surprise and delight to it to earn your folks one cool early Christmas present. Here’s the link:

Good luck!

–Alec Jordan

Image: michaelrpf/Flickr, used under CC 



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