TOPSushi Suitcase Covers: Take Your Nigiri “To Go”

Sushi Suitcase Covers: Take Your Nigiri “To Go”

By Alec Jordan

Well, this could be one way to either get a fair amount of attention from airport security. Or a laugh. Or both.

The PARCO department store had already put out its first set of sushi suitcase covers last year, but you have to admit, a year is a long time to keep sushi out on the conveyor belt. So, with travel season picking up, a few more varieties have been added to the sampler: tako, ikura, and saba—octopus, salmon eggs, and mackerel, respectively.

You’d need to have a bit of help from your traveling friends, and the baggage handlers, to achieve the true kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi) look on the baggage claim carousel, but it might be worth trying.




If you fancy picking one up for yourself or a friend, you can drop in on Parco’s site.

—Alec Jordan

Via: Laughing Squid