How You Can Help Continuing Recovery Efforts in Tohoku



After four years, most of us look on March 11, 2011, as a day to think for a little while about the triple disaster in Tohoku, but for residents of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami, recovery is still a daily process, and one that is still far from being complete. These are a few small ways you can help.

As a recent article in the Japan Times explains, while many people in the Tohoku area have moved into their own homes, thousands are still living in temporary housing. Many children still don’t have adequate places to play, and housing that did survive the quake may be in dire need of repair. While many structures have been built anew, economically the area is still far from recovery and assistance will be needed for years to come. A lot of the organizations that were launched directly after 3/11 have stopped their activities, and many larger multinational aid organizations have moved their funding focus to other regions of the world. However, plenty of groups are still going strong. Find out what you can do to help by checking out some of the links below and getting involved in whatever way you can, even if it’s actually touring Tohoku yourself.

How to Help

JEN (JEN are running a daylong fundraising campaign until midnight on 3/11, JST)

Yahoo! JAPAN

Until midnight (JST), Yahoo! JAPAN will donate ¥10 for each time “3.11” is searched for on

Peace Winds Japan

Save the Children Japan

Playground of Hope

Peace Boat

Nippon Volunteer Network Active in Disaster, Inc.

Habitat for Humanity Japan

Nippon International Cooperation Community Development (NICCO)

Vigor Japan

RAIF (Animal Rescue) (Japanese only)

Japan Volunteers (Although the site has not been updated in some time, it remains an excellent resource for places where you can donate; some linked sites are Japanese only)

Earthquake Disaster Kit

Make sure you keep those essentials around the house and at the office:

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