The Tokyo Weekender Christmas Gift Guide

If some of the people on your list have you stumped for gift ideas, we’ve got you covered: here is a selection that should keep everyone happy, whether they’ve been good or bad. (After all, you can’t just give lumps of coal to all the bad folks…) Without further ado, here’s the Tokyo Weekender Christmas Gift Guide:


Give the Office an All-Natural Feel: hacoa Wooden Keyboard

Switch up the touch screen, futuristic tech look of the 21st century with the natural feel of wood at your fingertips. The full-size keyboard comes in walnut or maple, and is created by a Japanese master artisan who handcrafts just one per day.

Price: ¥92,440 | Where:


Shade those Eyes from the New Year’s Bright Lights: Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Kick off 2015 in style with the newest line of the San Francisco–based brand’s unisex shades. Westward Leaning’s Voyager sunglasses not only let you feel like one of the many celebrities that sport them, but the company also donates a portion of each sale to support education initiatives for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Price: ¥26,000 (including international shipping)


Pop Open the Oscar Worthy Bubbly: Champagne Thiénot Brut

It’s the official champagne featured in the Oscars, so you’ll feel like the ultimate gift-giving star by presenting this refined bottle of bubbly to a loved one. Champagne Thiénot combines the classic element of sparkling wine with a modern elegance in look and long finish in taste.

Price: ¥7,020
Where: All Takashimaya Stores
More info:


Create the Perfect Picture, Instantly: instax SHARE SP-1 Smartphone Printer

Tired of taking that instant, Polaroid picture but never being sure what will come out? The instax printer connects to your smartphone and lets the closed-eye-prone choose which photos are print-worthy before printing. Parents who document everything or budget-conscious photographers who don’t want to waste film will find magic in this gift.

Price: ¥20,366 | Where:

Inspire the Inner Master Chef: Kamata Hakensha Damascus Steel Knives with Flower Pattern

With a good knife in hand in the kitchen, anyone can feel like the next Iron Chef by chopping those veggies with ease. Kamata Hakensha’s stainless, cobalt-alloy steel blade features an intricately etched cherry blossom or maple leaf pattern. Kamata Hakensha also offers custom engraving for that personalized touch.

Price: ¥26,800–29,800 | Where:



Lend a Moisturized Hand: May’s Garden Spa—Roppongi Hills Hand Cream

The best kind of gift to give is one that gives back, and Kesen Tsubaki hand cream does exactly that. Natural camellia oil from Rikuzentakata in Tohoku is used to create the all-natural hand cream full of Vitamin E and plant extracts. Sales of this product go to support communities hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Price: ¥1,944 | Where:

Tune Out and Jam: Bose Headphones Quiet Comfort

Give the gift of quiet comfort with headphones that cancel out the excess city noise, while allowing for an enjoyable music experience. The soft cushioning around the ears makes that jam-packed commute just a little more comfortable.

Price: ¥32,400 | Where: Bose Japan Stores

Step Your Way into Shape after the Holidays: Jawbone

Encourage your loved ones to compete their way into a healthy lifestyle by gifting a wearable device that tracks your sleep and exercise activity. Good-spirited competition among friends and family can also help fuel more steps when they see each other’s total steps for the day.

Price: ¥14,800 | Where:



For Long-Lasting Greenery: Succulent Plants

Nothing is more discouraging than killing a newly gifted plant, so give away a succulent where a green thumb isn’t required to keep the living gift alive. The versatile plant needs very little water and makes for beautiful, long-lasting décor.
Price: ¥4,980 | Where: Genki Saien,

Main Image: aidanmorgan/Flickr via CC

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