Dengue Fever Outbreak Count at 34

One week after the first cases of dengue fever were reported near Yoyogi Park, over 30 new cases have been confirmed in Japan’s first outbreak of the mosquito-bourne virus since 1945.

Dengue Fever, transmitted by several species of mosquitos, affects an estimated 100 million people each year worldwide. Signs of infection usually develop between four to seven days after the bite, causing flu-like symptoms ranging from fevers and headaches to muscle pain and rashes. Early detection of the virus significantly lowers complications, resulting in a less than 1% fatality rate.

All 34 infected reported a recent visit to Yoyogi Park. The park has since taken careful measures to reduce the spread of the outbreak by draining the pond and spraying approximately 800 liters of pesticide in the surrounding areas of the open space. Yoyogi Park Service Center also put up signs in English warning tourists and visitors to cover up as much as possible around the park.

Although there is no specific treatment for the infection, recommendations include plenty of fluids, rest, and control of the fever. Patients of the outbreak are said to be in stable condition, but the health ministry advises people to seek immediate medical attention if they develop these symptoms after being bitten by mosquitos near the Park.


Main image: Flickr / Sanofi Pasteur

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