The Weekend(er): Our Recommendations for the Weekend


Once again, cherry blossom season has rolled around, and millions of tiny buds have just bloomed for a very, very short time. The city comes alive and becomes festive for this short bit, so soak it all in (and get ready for the crowds). If you’re skipping the picnics this weekend, we have you covered for other happenings:

Mascot Party

Mascots Party

Fluffy characters from all over Japan will gather at Chigasaki Chuo Koen, showcasing the ‘kawaii-ness’ of Japan and offering photo ops.

Akihabara Oktoberfest

Akihabara Oktoberfest

It’s never too early to start celebrating Oktoberfest, this time in the electronics capital, and indoors—duck in if the conditions get too cold or rainy for hanami.

Harukaze Festival

Harukaze Festival

This earthy event is more than just handmade crafts and NGO booths: it raises awareness for causes such as clean energy, the youth communities in Fukushima and the no-dancing laws.



Grab your camera, picnic sheet, some drinks and bento boxes and head to your local park or one of those famous spots to view the ephemeral little wonders. Read our guide for the best viewing spots in and around Tokyo.


Kitsuné Club Night

Dance the night away to some electro sounds from Gildas and Two Door Cinema Club, in this sakura-themed soiree thrown by French label Kitsuné.


Punk Spring

Punk rock veterans Bad Religion will be headlining this one-day festival, also featuring Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Bawdies, The Fratellis and The Hives.



The Glasgow boys are back in town, with a recently released album in tow—expect a packed room at brand new venue EX Theater Roppongi.

3.11 Movie Festival

3.11 Movie Festival

Last chance to watch some thought-provoking documentaries from up-and-coming filmmakers covering the events post-3.11. Make sure you pop by the art gallery and shop.

Aya Takano

Aya Takano Exhibit

Only a few more days of this colorful exhibit showcasing the Superflat movement, popularized by contemporary artist Takeshi Murakami, the artist’s mentor.

Main image: “Cherry Blossom at night” by design_energy/Flickr



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