What can you find in a $250,000 lucky bag?

The New Year has rolled in and everyone in Japan knows it’s the much-awaited season for picking up great deals, especially those that come in “lucky bags.”

These “mystery bags” or “Fukubukuro” are loot bags filled with random items, traditionally on sale for 50% or more off the regular prices on New Year’s Day in Japan. This year one lucky customer got to walk away with a one-week visit to Brazil during the soccer World Cup, a catch for only 2.014 million yen, according to Sports Nippon. The bag was one of four lucky bags sold in Sogo-Seibu department store in Otemachi, Tokyo.

Lucky bags from the Okajima Department Store in Kofu reportedly contain three pieces of jewelry—two platinum rings and a pendant—which normally sell for 50 million yen.

Apple Inc, after enjoying a great year for its sales in Japan, has joined in the tradition and offered its own lucky bags which contains items such as iPods, headphones and t-shirts for 36,000 yen. Last year, it sold lucky bags with an iPad or MacBook Air inside.

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: Danny Choo/Flickr

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