Large-scale manhunt leads to capture of rape suspect


A massive manhunt was launched Wednesday across Japan, with over 4,000 police, sniffer dogs and vehicles sweeping the streets after a rape suspect escaped south of Tokyo. The suspect was captured today in a Yokohama Park.

Helicopters and boats, in addition to thousands of police forces on the ground, were mobilized in the search for Yuta Sugimoto who was being questioned on suspicion that he was involved in the gang rape and robbery of a woman in Kawasaki.

Sugimoto was in the prosecutors’ office to meet with his lawyer when he slipped from his guard by telling he needed to go to the toilet and asked to loosen his bindings, Japanese media report.

Residents were alarmed about the suspect at large and students were instructed not to venture out alone. The suspect was captured at around 1 pm on Thursday, not far from where he escaped custody.

The escape immediately gained heavy attention in the media, in a country where violent crime is rare news.

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: Downing Street/Flickr



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