A shoot boxing battle royale comes to Tokyo’s sumo stadium

The Shoot Boxing Battle Summit—Ground Zero Tokyo 2013 on Saturday, November 16, brings together some of the biggest names in the fighting world for a bloody showdown at the Ryogoku sumo stadium. For those who are not familiar with this particular league, shoot boxing (SB for short) is a type of kickboxing that allows judo-like throws for additional points as well as standing submissions.

This event will feature some of the kickboxing world’s biggest names, including Andy Souwer, K-1 cosplay superstar Jienotsu Nagashima and Shoot Boxing champion Shishido. In addition to the S-Cup tournament, there is a tournament that will require the winner to best four fighters in a row.

Shoot Boxing Battle Summit

How much: From ¥3,000 a person for standing seats to ¥30,000 for VIP seats—check their site for more information (Japanese only).

When: Venue opens at 12:00. An amateur event starts at 12:10, and the main event begins at 15:30.

More info: http://efight.jp/jump_schedule-20131116_22733

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