Space burial company boldly goes into the Japanese market

A US-based company is offering aging Japanese nationals an option to be buried with the stars.

The burial option offered by Elysium Space Inc will send a portion of a person’s cremated remains in a capsule that will circle the earth for several months, a bargain at $1,990 compared to a traditional Buddhist ceremony.

The concept is compared to a shooting star, as the capsule and the ashes they contain disintegrate upon entering the earth’s atmosphere, a company statement said.

About one gram of a person’s remains are placed into an individual “space-grade” aluminum container and missions will carry between 100 to 400 individual capsules, says Benjamin Joffe, a spokesman for the company.

Relatives and friends can also track the spacecraft’s trajectory on a mobile phone app.

In addition to turning a loved one into a celestial body, space burials are relatively cheaper than a traditional Buddhist ceremony.

Renting a burial plot and buying a tomb stone in Tokyo costs as much as 2.7 million yen ($27,400), according to Japan Institute of Life Insurance.

Elysium Space began taking space burial reservations in the US in August and is now targeting Japan’s rapidly aging population.

By: Maesie Bertumen

Image: Kolby/Flickr

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