TOPNew app delivers aromas to smartphone users

New app delivers aromas to smartphone users

By Alec Jordan

We can count on our smartphones to do basically everything for us—except let out scents of our favorite meals.

That is until a Tokyo-based firm came up with the idea of giving our handy smartphones a sense of smell.

The ingenious smartphone app is apparently designed for people who are dieting and doubles as an air freshener by emitting delicious aromas, Scentee Inc. said.

By changing what people smell through a cartridge attached to the smartphone that sprays certain scents of grilled meats, coffee, cinnamon rolls and fruits—to name a few—the app can help people to avoid foods that are bad for their health.

A user might think that they are eating a delicious, perhaps even unhealthy, meal even though they are just eating rice.

It can also act as a simple scent diffuser if the user sets the device to spray automatically at specific times. Users can set the app to emit a pleasing aroma when their posts at social media sites receive “Likes”.

Masaru Tange, CEO of Shift Inc, the parent of Scentee, said they want to promote the enjoyment of using smartphones with pleasing scents.

The app has already created a buzz, particularly at a Spanish trade show, before its release date on November 15.

“At first, it was really just an idea and we were talking about how it would be cool if there was this kind of thing” that enabled people to enjoy smells with their mobile phone, says Aki Yamaji, a corporate planning division manager at Shift.

“We received a huge reaction from people around the world,” she added. “They said they wanted to become distributors of the Scentee . . . we thought this can really be a hit product overseas.”

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: sinkdd/Flickr