Supersize meals weigh in at Japanese restaurants

A new food trend is flying off plates in Japan that could put so-called “supersized” meals popularized by the west to shame.

Japanese food lovers would surely like the idea of “ohmori” or “mega meals,” a trend in which traditionally modest portions of rice, noodles and vegetables are served in larger portions, preferably as a mountain of food.

Photos of “mega meals” are going around the Internet, showing absurd amounts of food, often more than can possibly fit on a bowl or plate.

One of the most popular pictures is of a piece of “supersized sushi,” which shows an enormous sushi wrap stuffed with large chunks of fish on a plate the size of a tray.

In another photo, a mountain of noodles appears to be about the size of a man’s torso.

The trend may have gotten its start in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, where many cafes along the roads are notorious for dishing up sumo-sized sushi.

Restaurants in nearby Anjo city have also joined the supersize bandwagon. A sushi restaurant called Umewaka is serving supersized anago (conger eel) sushi with entire eel fillets rather than the small slices that are typically found in normal-sized rolls.

Although the photos doesn’t prove whoever ordered that much food actually finished everything on his plate, which could be troublesome in a country where it is considered rude not to.

By: Maesie Bertumen

Image: wallyg/Flickr

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