TOPSony shoots for 5 million PS4s sold by 2014

Sony shoots for 5 million PS4s sold by 2014

By Alec Jordan

Sony Corporation said it aims to sell 5 million of its Playstation 4s worldwide by March, the first time the Japanese electronics maker has set a target for its next-generation game console.

Sony’s PS3 sold 3.55 million units in its first fiscal year to March 2007 since its debut in November 2006.

However, analysts cannot help but remain skeptical about Sony’s ambitious sales target for the PS4 when it launches in November 15 in North America, considering it would not be available in Japan until February.

“Our first priority is to satisfy our core users, but the possibilities of the PS4 will not end there . . . The PS4 will bring people together—not just virtually—but through shared experience, whether it is through dance, karaoke, or party games,” Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said during the Tokyo Game Show.

Sony also introduced other devices, including smartphones, tablets, Vita and Vita TV, which House said will expand the company’s user base to include the whole family.

The company also revealed a new PlayStation App for Android and iOS which connects to the PS4.

By: Maesie Bertumen

Image: insidethemagic/Flickr