Pure Cafe – proving vegan restaurants don’t have to be dull

Pure Cafe, a rare and welcomed vegan restaurant option in Tokyo.

If the thought of vegan food doesn’t sound the most appealing to you, this cafe could definitely make you change your mind. And whether you’re actually vegan or just want a healthy meal, this is the go-to place at breakfast, lunch or dinner. We were first lured into this cafe by a morning muffin advert, but have never stopped going since.

Although the muffin may seem a bit steep at ¥472 a pop, it’s pretty much the best we’ve had in Tokyo, surprisingly so considering it is also most likely healthiest (organic ingredients and a low amount sugar see to that).

Combined with the organic coffee in a set for ¥680, you’re paying about the same as neighboring coffee chains. The ‘muffin menu’ changes daily, with blueberry or citrus ginger standouts for us. If you have time for a sit down breakfast, the cafe offers natural bread and grain salad sets, all reasonably priced at ¥680.

Blueberry Muffin, Pure Cafe
Blueberry Muffin, Pure Cafe

The lunch and dinner menu is equally appetizing, mostly centered around grain salads, thick sandwiches, soy burgers and items that vary according to the day, such as tasty, spicy vegan samosas.

Most lunch and dinner sets are priced between ¥1,150 and ¥2,100, while take out sandwiches are more economical at ¥840. Drinks all follow the vegan theme, and you can choose amongst herbal teas, soy yoghurt lassi, homemade lemonade or mixed juices. Pure Cafe also has an irresistible dessert lineup, so save some room for a tofu tiramisu or banana bread. If you’re not too hungry, you can even snack on PB&J sandwiches – vegan of course.

Come for the convenient operating hours (thankfully, a breakfast place that opens before 11am…) and stay for the quality menu.

Pure Cafe

More information: www.pure-cafe.com

5-5-21 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku

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Main image: Stephanie Cornell on Flickr

by Vivian Morelli

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