TOPBird droppings shut down Nagano

Bird droppings shut down Nagano

By MatthewEditor

Chaos ensued on roads in Nagano Prefecture after loads of bird droppings apparently caused traffic signals to shutdown.

While some superstitious people believe bird droppings are actually good luck, the incident last week proved otherwise when it became a traffic nuisance.

Motorists in Shiojiri and Matsumoto cities in Nagano had to navigate roads without traffic signals for nearly half an hour before order presumed.

The shutdown on August 28 was reportedly caused by the huge amount of bird droppings on an insulator in the Idegawa Substation in Matsumoto, triggering a short and automatic shutdown of traffic signals across the two cities, according to the Chubu Electric Power Company in Nagano.

Traffic police were deployed in every corner to manage intersections and maor highways during the signal blackout.

Fortunately, no accidents were reported during the traffic light standstill.

Chubu Electric said they have now set up bird-prevention wires.

“There aren’t many incidents of power outages caused by bird poo as far as we know,” the company said.

By: Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Flickr/iMorpheus