Around Asia: Choco Pies a big hit in North Korea

Even North Koreans have a sweet tooth, with some ready to shell out up to a fifth of the average monthly income just to satisfy their cravings for sweets.

According to a report, North Koreans are particular to Choco Pies, a chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow snack and scrambling to get their hands on one.

At the Kaesong Industrial Complex, jointly run by North and South Korea, the park’s 35,000 North Korean workers had been receiving Choco Pies in their lunchboxes from their South Korean employers.

Many even sold them for up to 3,000 won ($23) on the black market in a country where food is scarce, the Daily NK said.

With the recent resumption of operations in Kaesong, which had been closed due to tensions between the two nations, the Choco Pies’ value on the black market plummeted to 500 won ($4).

Pyongyang reportedly attempted to recreate the snack but citizens complained that it was too sweet.

Moreover, South Korean firms, citing the losses they’d experienced due to the enforced closure of the plant, say they are slashing the number of Choco Pies from lunchboxes.

By: Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Steven Tom/Flickr

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