Toyama Prefecture Cuisine Pop-Up in Omotesando


The Toyama Prefecture Cuisine Pop-Up in Omotesando is a chance to learn more about the regional specialties by not only sampling them, but also cooking them.

Can you name Toyama’s most popular items? Unless you’ve lived there or had the chance to spend some time in the gorgeous coastal prefecture north of Gifu and west of Niigata, you’re probably left in the dark about its local cuisine. Just like each prefecture in Japan, Toyama is ‘famous’ for some typically regional dishes and as it’s located right on the coast of the Japan Sea, it’s easy to guess that it most likely features fresh fish…

For one, masuzushi (trout sushi) is a Toyama specialty. Pieces of salted rainbow trout are usually placed on the rice, then lined with bamboo leaves. It sometimes is made on a round dish, making it look, when sliced, a little like a pizza. Slightly confusingly, but in the interest of a type of eco-awareness we can get behind, due to trout scarcity it will be substituted with salmon for this event. Kombu jime is another well-known delicacy around the area, and it consists of sliced raw fish placed between kelp (a type of seaweed).

This is a bit of a workshop and tasting event all-in-one, including cooking demonstrations and tastings. A selection of local foods will be available, along with experts to answer your questions and show you the right way to prepare the ingredients. You can wash down the delicacies, of course, with Toyama sake…

The cuisine pop-up is part of Restaurant Day, the world’s biggest food carnival celebrating local food cultures in more than 200 cities and 30 countries.

Toyama Prefecture Cuisine Pop-Up


When: Sunday August 18

Where: Cook & Co. (see map)

How much: ¥3,500

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