Tokyo awaits 2020 Olympics decision


The inhabitants of Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo are waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games.

Tokyo Weekender has already covered the likelihood of Tokyo being chosen among the three candidates this weekend in Buenos Aires. Although Tokyo appears to be the bookmakers’ favorite, this should be a tense weekend all around.

You may have noticed Google Japan’s doodle for today: architect Kenzo Tange’s 100th birthday. Tange was the designer of the iconic Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and while the commemorative doodle is not likely to influence the Olympic Committee, it is one small reminder of Tokyo’s Olympic history.

The announcement is scheduled for 5 pm on Saturday evening, Buenos Aires time – that’s 5 am on Sunday morning Tokyo time. What better way to to fight off the jitters and take in the good – or bad – news than by hanging out with other Tokyoites as time counts down? We can celebrate if we win and cheer each other up if we’ve lost.

Bars around town are certain to be staying open late (as usual, for a Saturday night!), with televisions tuned to countdown events. But at Komazawa Olympic Park, location for many of the events of the 1964 Games, there will be a free, all-night event with games and a live performance by otaku idol Shoko Nakagawa, also known as Shokotan.

The event starts at 10 pm on Saturday night and goes until 6 am on Sunday morning.

More info: (information in Japanese)

Image of Tokyo Tower illuminated for the Olympics decision: Yamashita Yohei/Flickr



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