Around Asia: ‘Refrigerator pants’ are cooling off Korean women

South Korean women are cooling themselves with ‘refrigerator pants’, a new trend flourishing amid the heatwave burning up the country.

Though the name suggests bulky, unsightly pants, the so-called “refrigerator pants” come in colorful patterns, made of light, wrinkle-free polyster fabric that is said to make walking a breeze.

The pants are flying off shelves both figuratively online and in shopping malls in Seoul and Busan as the heat surges on.

Korea JoongAng Daily reported online sales of the refrigerator pants jumped 95% on Auction, an eBay style site, while online sales of baggy pants in general jumped 57% on Gmarket in June compared to last summer.

Coco Marlene, South Korea’s largest online pants and leggings store, saw sales increase too.

“We started seeing the trend last summer, and this summer, around 70% of our sales are coming from these refrigerator pants,” Seung-won Lee, a representative for Coco Marlene, said.

Refrigerator pants are more fit for the hot weather than the skinny, tight jeans.

“They’re airy and don’t stick and I also like the comfortable elastic waist,” one consumer said.

South Korea is in the midst of a massive heatwave as the mercury is expected to hit nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: cheukiecfu/Flickr

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