Real beer sales up, but ‘happoshu’ sales down

The Japanese sure love their beer, especially to cool themselves down amid soaring temperatures.

The July heat has prompted an increase in shipments of beer and beer-like beverages, with a rise of 3.3% from a year before to 44,374,000 cases, according to data from the four major Japanese brewers.

Sales to both restaurants and households also saw growth in beer shipments of 5.6% to 23,925,000 cases.

Shipments of beer as gifts surged 8.3%, backed by the popularity of high-end premium beer products.

Shipments of new beer products in the “third category”, which are cheaper than regular beer because they contain little to no malt, grew 2% to 14,763,000 cases, its seventh consecutive month up.

Happoshu (low-malt quasi-beer) shipments declined 2.6% to 5,686,000 cases.

Asahi Breweries Ltd and Suntory Liquors Ltd saw their sales volumes increase, driven by strong sales of their core beers.

Kirin Brewery Co’s sales were down amid the sluggish performance of its existing beers while Sapporo Breweries Ltd’s sales were slightly lower on the year before.

Each case contains the equivalent of 20 633ml bottles.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: MrHayata/Flickr

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