Koreans still sipping Japanese beer amid dispute


Japanese products remain popular with South Koreans even amid frayed relations from a bitter past.

New figures show that a variety of imported products from Japan have seen sales increase over the years since South Korea lifted a ban on Japanese pop culture in 1998.

Among the most sought after products are apparently Japanese beer and Haruki Marukami novels, according to reports.

Although views differ on the streets of Seoul whether historical issues should affect sales.

Anti-Japan sentiment is reportedly on the rise in South Korea over militarism in the Second World War.

Hundreds are believed to have been tortured and killed in prisons during Japan’s occupation.

In recent years, tensions have spiked when Japanese leaders make nationalistic statements on the dispute, over an outlying island in the Sea of Japan, or on the sensitive issue of comfort women.

Visits to a war shrine by Japanese lawmakers have also stirred anger in South Korea, which it criticized for glorifying Japan’s wartime aggression.

Korea marked its liberation from Japanese colonial rule on Thursday.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: South Korea/Flickr



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